WHBCC 2022, Australia Programme
[Day 1] - Sessions

Theme: Halal - Opportunities In A Borderless World

1 September 2022




Thought Leadership : Activating Halal Trade Connectivity

In 2030, it is estimated that Muslims will represent 26% of total world population. The growth potential of the Halal economy is a “game changer” for both traditional Halal trading nations and non-Muslim Halal newcomers, evidence that Halal is the new way of doing business.


  1. H.E. Dato’ Roslan Abdul Rahman, High Commissioner of Malaysia to the Commonwealth Australia
  2. Mr Ridwaan Jawat, First Assistant Secretary (South East Asia Maritime Division) at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) and Australia’s Special Envoy to the OIC

Mr Nathanael Kitingan


Main session 1: Food Security, Safety & Sustainability – Getting The Trade-off Right

The domino effect of food security issues resulting from outbreaks or on-going trade wars, impact everyone along the supply chain; from farmers and manufacturers to consumers. Furthermore, greater demand for supply chain traceability from discerning consumers makes supply chain integrity assurance a key priority, paving the way for halal supply chain management.


  1. Ms Nicola Hinder, First Assistant Secretary, Exports and Veterinary Services, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE)
  2. DatoRaffiq Md Ariff, Director, Govt & Industry Relations & Halal Affairs F&N
  3. Representative Pharmaniaga

Moderator :
Ms  Azimatul Masriyah, Trade Commissioner Matrade Melbourne


Main session 2: Cultivating A Dynamic Halal Ingredients Ecosystem

Control over the halal ingredient industry, correlates to control over halal end products and supply chain in general. Beyond F&B raw materials, the segment stretches to serve the Halal pharmaceutical and beauty industry among others. The cruelty free and ethical nature of Halal ingredients unlocks the potential of both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers.


  1. Mr Leonard Ariff Abdul Shatar, Group Managing Director, Duopharma Biotech Berhad, Malaysia
  2. Ms Wan Aishah Wan Hamid, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Palm Oil Council
  3. Mr Nick Mann, Chief Executive Officer for Asia, Australia and New Zealand, H&H Group, Australia

Mr Ian Thomson, Regional Director, Agricultural Exports, Victorian Government


Main session 3: Enabling Halal Business Agility Through Digitalization

Digitalisation of the Halal economy continues to be a critical component to catapult homegrown Halal brands into the global economy and supply chain. In addition to increasing marketability, the halal digital economy holds the key to cross-border collaboration and synergies to spur greater economic participation and growth.


  1. Mr Omar Khan, Alceon Investments
  2. Ms Nina Alyssa, Chief Executive Officer, Crescent Digital, Malaysia
  3. Mr Zumy Zuheidy, Chief Executive Officer, Moevd Groups Sdn Bhd

Mr Mohamad Hafiz Jamaluddin, HDC


Parallel Session 1: Clarifying Misconceptions About Halal

Halal concept has expanded beyond a religious standpoint to become a standard for business practice. The standards have grown in acceptance by the business community as well as governmental organizations and world population – regardless of their belief. Halal values include everything within the eco system and covering all sectors including specialty processed food, cosmetics and personal care, livestock, halal ingredients, pharmaceuticals and services.


  1. Mr Muhammad Naim Mohd Aziz, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia
  2. Mr Muhammad Koyu, Operation Director, ICCV, Victoria
  3. Mr Roslan Saludin, Director Ezy Qurban Malaysia

Mr Ahmad Saiful Alwi, MD Novavita, Malaysia


Parallel session 2: Investment In Malaysia: Gateway To The Global Halal Markets

It takes a village to cultivate a stable and conducive ecosystem that is attractive Halal investors. Players in the ecosystem discuss what it takes attract investors and keep them investing today.


  1. Ms Manjit Kaur, Director, Food Technology & Resource Based Industries Division, MIDA Malaysia
  2. Mr Mat Ghazali Abd Rakim, Chief Executive Officer Halal International Selangor

Ms Noraisyah Nordin, Consul Investment, MIDA (Sydney’s office)


Parallel Session 3: Connecting Gen ‘M’ (Muslim Millennials) through Halal Media & Entertainment

Islamic media content focusing on Islamic culture, values and lifestyle have grown exponentially in today’s borderless and digital world. The business model is seeing a shift from high-budget production houses to the emergence of independent content creators thanks to platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. Panellist: Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Journalist, writer, Executive Director Halal Expo Australia Ms May Zaki, Founder & CEO Corporate Wellness Oracle, Australia Mr Danish Reyaz, Founder Director Maeeshat Media Pvt Ltd Moderator: Mr Imran Musa, CEO, ARK Halal Group Of Companies


  1. Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Journalist, writer, Executive Director Halal Expo Australia
  2. Ms May Zaki, Founder & CEO Corporate Wellness Oracle, Australia
  3. Mr Danish Reyaz, Founder Director Maeeshat Media Pvt Ltd

Mr Imran Musa, CEO, ARK Halal Group Of Companies


Parallel Session 4: ESG; Ethically Profitable

The universal call for an organisations’ practices to meet Environmental, Sustainable and Governance standards is today a business imperative. The Halal industry holds principles that overlap the ESG standards, thus positioning players at an advantage. A standout organisation will be wise to go beyond meeting these standards, rather diligently measuring ESG KPIs and revise goals for a progressive performance year after year.


  1. Mr Naim Melhem OAM, Chairman, Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  2. Mr Josh Chye, Vice President of the board at AMBC


Ms Maheran Zahari, Counsellor Ministry Agriculture & Food Industry (Sydney’s office) Malaysia


Parallel Session 5: Beyond Covid-19: Opportunities For Start-ups To Reshape The Future Of Halal Healthcare Industry

An increasingly health-conscious consumer market has seen a growing focus on improving health and immunity post-pandemic. This has fuelled demand for new halal certified nutraceuticals, from vitamins to health supplements and medical devices. As a relatively new industry with much growth potential, industry players discuss emerging trends and bright spots.


  1. Ms Seri Azalina Ghazalli, Duopharma Biotech Berhad
  2. Mr Micheal Tjendara, Founder & CEO, Purity Vitamins, Australia
  3. Representative, Blackmore Pharmaceutical Australia

Dr. Adliah Mhd Ali, Deputy Dean (Engagements and Alumni) UKM

WHBCC 2022, Australia Programme
[Day 2] - Sessions

Theme: Halal - Opportunities In A Borderless World

2 September 2022




Main session 4: Surfing the wave of Halal finance and banking for economic recovery

Increasing market share of the Islamic Financial Services Industry (IFSI) spotlights the need to establish a larger pool of competent Islamic Finance professionals. Identifying the gaps and developing innovative efforts required in Islamic finance talent development is imperative to meet the highest standards of employees required in the workforce.


  1. Mr Asad Ansari, Amanah Islamic Finance, Australia
  2. Mr Naim Melhem OAM, Chairman Australia Arab Business Council

Mr Imran Musa, CEO, ARK Halal Group Of Companies


Main session 5: Tapping into USD 194billion : Muslim friendly tourism

Eager Muslim travellers resuming travel and leisure today should be met with a whole new experience of tourism. In addition to greater emphasis on safety, health and the expected Shariah-compliant requirements, the tourism and hospitality industry today is expected to incorporate digital tools for seamless end-to-end customer service and elements of sustainability.


  1. Mr Peter Shelley, CEO ATEC
  2. Mr Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi, Group Chief Operation Officer, Malaysia Airlines Berhad
  3. Mr Saifol Bahli, Executive Director, Exclusive Continent Sdn Bhd

Mr Ahmad Saiful Alwi, MD Novavita, Malaysia


Main Session 6: Halal Science & Innovation: Where Are We Now And What’s Next?

Research and Development (R&D) at the heart of innovation. Similarly, breakthrough innovation is a catalyst for Halal industries across the board from food science, to pharmaceuticals, agriculture and manufacturing processes.


  1. Dr. Adliah Mhd Ali, Deputy Dean (Engagements and Alumni) UKM
  2. Mr Kee Wong, MD of e-Centric Innovations, Australia
  3. Mr Nor Amin Mohd Noor, Chairman Global Haltech Sdn Bhd

Representative, Asialink Business, University of Melbourne

  • 20 Brand Positioning Spaces of Malaysian and UK companies focusing on Halal Champions and wealth creation from technological breakthroughs and innovation;
  • B2B matching between Malaysian companies and UK Companies;
  • Business Networking Dinner with Malaysian and UK stakeholders;
  • Session facilitated by British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce Berhad (BMCC), with the attendees of UK companies on the opportunities of halal industry in Malaysia;
  • Industry Field Trip by Malaysian companies to UK top sectors.